• Real talk about No-Fault Benefits in Michigan

  • Posted on June 04, 2013
  • Most people can never imagine what actually happens when an automobile accident occurs.  Marcus Murray Director and Lead Case Manager of Ava Care and Case Management describes a real life scenario this way, "one morning a Mother of 3 leaves for work when a gas-level indicator signal reminds her that the car is on E.  Just as she approaches the exit ramp, the car stops.  She exits the vehicle to flag for help.  That's the moment her life is changed forever by an individual texting while driving.  2 days later she is aroused from a deep sleep in the City's level 1 Trauma Center missing one leg due to an amputation following traumatic severation on the freeway.  And according to many auto insurance plans around the Nation her medical benefits would end between 10,000 and 50,0000 dollars.  How does that work out for this injured mother of 3 when the average auto trauma accident costs between 40,000 and 250,000 dollars according foresters research?

    If she is a Michigan resident, there is no limit to the benfits she is able to receive under Michigan No-fault law.  What a relief it is to know that wheelchairs, ramps, artificial legs, home modifications, medical transportation, precriptions, physical therapy, occupational therapy, vocation rehabilitation, and even psychological counseling are all covered benefits in most cases.  

    So who should this family be calling first following this accident? A Case Manger.  The Case Manager acts as a benefits advocate for the injured person.  We cut through the red tape and get you everything you need to recover and return to your original life".

    Clearly, Marcus Murray has a passion for helping others. "There are so many people who believe they need to sue the insurance company in order to receive benefits, when usually that is not the case.  Rightfully so, many insurance company adjusters have become jaded and skeptical of most injury claimants.  That's where a qualified Case Manager can bridge the gap, presenting the facts, explaining the real need for services, and forecasting the expected duration of services".

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